Saturday, January 31, 2009

Metalhead Haircut

A week ago I decided to cut my hair. There's kind of a spiritual element to it. I cut it so that I would have no hair when my son Hektor is born. I will continue to grow my hair until my wife is ready to have our next child. As you can see I started w/ long hair and a beard

I shaved that off on 1/22/9. I still had my hair though.

The night of 1/23/9 I shaved my head, still got a tuft to play with.

Then that went too.

I freaked out everyone at our baby shower. Usually the cycle I follow is, grow it out for 4-6 years then dye it all black, last time this included the beard, which was freaky. I then get tired of redying it a year or so later and I cut it off.

Me w/ my sweet Meggie as Haides and Persephone on our first Halloween as a married couple in 2003.

Om SHAnti SHAnti SHAnti

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