Monday, January 26, 2009

Chick Tracts: my dirty little secret

I abhor fundamental Christianity, which is why I am so conflicted when it comes to Chick Tracts. For the uninitiated: Chick Tracts are small comics, booklets in a strip format that focus on the founder Jack Chick's extremely rigid boundaries of Christianity. They explain the problems with being anything other than a fundamental Christian. I am conflicted because I don't appreciate the rhetoric, but find humor in the propaganda. Some of them are also quite funny. I was reminded of my love of these ridiculous comics since I've been on my Kali binge. I recalled a Chick Tract entitled The Traitor. It is about how Kali worship and Hinduism in general lead to
evil acts.

Another of the many issues targeted by Jack Chick is rock'n'roll music. One of the Tracts that he wrote on the topic of rock'n'roll was Angels?

The premise of Angels? is one of a Christian Rock band The Green Angels that falls under the influence of a shady manager named Lou Siffer (Lucifer?). In the end it comes out that all rock music including Christian rock is the work of the devil.

The Absolute classic of the series is Dark Dungeons. It explains how role playing games lead the innocent into a coven. Personally I've always known that D&D is the gateway to Devout Satanism. Never mind all the debunking that has gone on since the 1980s.

I enjoy reading these greatly and received several as tips at a burger joint I was working at, perhaps it was Jack Chick's Kali that I first encountered. I don't agree with anything in them, but am somehow addicted to the cheesiness of the strips. I have almost gone into a Christian Bookstore (which is itself terrifying to me) to buy a wad of tracks to relish the glory of their trashiness.

Om SHAnti SHAnti SHAnti

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